Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WIP: Sarah's Stars

Another fabulous week of stars from the 
Oh My Stars QAL!

Almost half way done!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Bee Blocks

Debora was our host at the Believe Circle at do.good stitches.  She wanted a super simple block:

This was my month at Stash Bee.  Since my blocks were done in December, I decided to crash a couple of other hives.

Katie's block for Hive 5:

Tanyia's block for Hive 9:

My block for Hive 7.  The blocks have been rolling in and are awesomely beautiful!  I'm looking forward to putting this modern quilt together:

My tutorial for this can be found HERE.

Friday, January 20, 2017

50 Shades of Red

I'm in this cute little group on flickr called Mini QT Swap.
We swap miniature quilts.
It's way too much fun.

This is the little mini I created for my secret partner in red and white.

I.  love.  it.

I posted it yesterday.  My partner should receive by the weekend.

I'm going to miss this mini quilt!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WIP: Sarah's Stars

Another few stars completed this week.  The QAL is going well.
I think these are my favorite so far.
On task to completing the top by March 1.



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WIP: Sarah's Stars

Week #5 complete!

And I cut fabric for the next 3 weeks of stars!  



Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finish Along 2017

I spent about a month looking for a new quilt along for this coming year to start.

I was sort of disappointed that none that I saw screamed, 'you have to do this!"

However, this week in my feedly feeds I came across this: Finish Along 2017 -  on Leanne's She Can Quilt blog.  PERFECT!  I have so many projects started....and so many more to start, I figured this would be the most practical way to start forging through all my projects!  

Another awesome thing about Finish Along 2017 is that there is the opportunity to win really cool prizes!  It's a win-win all the way!  And there are several really talented, quilters/bloggers from aroun the world that will be participating this year!

So.....on to my projects for this first quarter {drum roll, please}:

1.  Patriotic Chevron - I am a sewer & quilter for the Believe group at do.good stitches over on flickr {and now instagram).  The ladies & Ben helped me create this quilt for My Very Own Blanket, an organization that provides a handmade quilt to children in foster care.  This beauty is pieced, but needs to be quilted and sent.

2.  Modern Stars - The ladies in Stash Bee 2016 made blocks for this quilt.  Just needs to be quilted.

3.  Sarah's Stars - The last of my four nieces graduates this year.  I've created a quilt for each of them.  Sarah said she didn't care about the style, but her favorite color is pink.  I'm four weeks into making the stars from the Oh My Stars quilt along.  I'm hoping to have this complete and the top pieced by March.

4.  It takes a Village - So....this is 99 paper pieced house blocks using all scraps. Only 79 more to go!

5.  Scrappy Sprouts - a mini that needs to be quilted and finished!

6.  Bubbles Quilt - Another group I was involved in in 2016.  I have all the blocks....just need to put it together and get it quilted.

7.  Hexie Flowers - I'm embarrassed to even say how long I've been working on these!  I just want to make  a sweet little mini quilt to hang in my foyer in the spring...maybe this will be the spring it gets finished!

8.  Paint Chips - This is my Stash Bee 2017 quilt blocks for January - my tutorial is HERE.  The blocks have started arriving already!  I'm super excited about this quilt!  

Whew....seems like an impossible list!!  But it's a beginning! Some projects may carry over to the next quarter and that's okay!  It is certainly a list I can work from!




Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

New Year's Day seems the perfect time to post all of 2016 Quilty finishes - so, I'm a day late!  
Starting the new year out right!  LOL


And here are some older mosaics....



So looking forward to a creative 2017!