Saturday, April 30, 2016

May do.good stitches

My month for creating the quilt with the believe@do.goodstitches over on flickr.

I saw a miniature version of this block somewhere online and I thought this would make an easy, yet fabulous charity quilt.  

I shared the directions with the ladies and Ben from my group, so I'm looking forward to receiving these bright and beautiful blocks.  

I dubbed the name "9 Patch Plus".  I know.  Not very creative.  But I could not find a source for the block or a name online, so 9 Patch Plus it is!

You will need:

(5) 5" bright pink squares
(4) 5" bright lime, purple or orange squares
1 strip of 1.5" low volume or white on white fabric

Sew the squares togther as pictured above.

Find the center and cut the 9 patch block in half.

Cut the 1.5" strip into three pieces, as above.

Sew the short strips to both of the top pieces, then to the bottom pieces.
Then sew the center pieces to both halves.

I did one in each color.  I'm looking forward to putting this bright quilt together! 

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