Monday, June 5, 2017

June Bee Blocks

When I saw Rose's block at Stash Bee this month, 
I knew I had to make one!

I've seen this block around the net for awhile now, and I love it!

Lo & behold, the leader for this month in my 
Believe Circle at do.good stitches picked the same block!  
ha ha ha!  
At that point, I knew it was fate! is my block for Rose:

And here are the other two I made for Robin in other group:

Hive #7 (my hive): Rebecca asked for 
pink and yellow braided hearts:

What a fun month!!!

Peace to all~



  1. What beautiful blocks those are. I have to admit, I'm not sure I've seen that one before, but I love it. I've added it to my "stitch one day" idea book. It would be great to use up some scraps. Thanks for sharing your pictures. --Andrea

  2. love your new blocks!! your colors are so vibrant!