Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finish Along 2017

I spent about a month looking for a new quilt along for this coming year to start.

I was sort of disappointed that none that I saw screamed, 'you have to do this!"

However, this week in my feedly feeds I came across this: Finish Along 2017 -  on Leanne's She Can Quilt blog.  PERFECT!  I have so many projects started....and so many more to start, I figured this would be the most practical way to start forging through all my projects!  

Another awesome thing about Finish Along 2017 is that there is the opportunity to win really cool prizes!  It's a win-win all the way!  And there are several really talented, quilters/bloggers from aroun the world that will be participating this year!

So.....on to my projects for this first quarter {drum roll, please}:

1.  Patriotic Chevron - I am a sewer & quilter for the Believe group at do.good stitches over on flickr {and now instagram).  The ladies & Ben helped me create this quilt for My Very Own Blanket, an organization that provides a handmade quilt to children in foster care.  This beauty is pieced, but needs to be quilted and sent.

2.  Modern Stars - The ladies in Stash Bee 2016 made blocks for this quilt.  Just needs to be quilted.

3.  Sarah's Stars - The last of my four nieces graduates this year.  I've created a quilt for each of them.  Sarah said she didn't care about the style, but her favorite color is pink.  I'm four weeks into making the stars from the Oh My Stars quilt along.  I'm hoping to have this complete and the top pieced by March.

4.  It takes a Village - So....this is 99 paper pieced house blocks using all scraps. Only 79 more to go!

5.  Scrappy Sprouts - a mini that needs to be quilted and finished!

6.  Bubbles Quilt - Another group I was involved in in 2016.  I have all the blocks....just need to put it together and get it quilted.

7.  Hexie Flowers - I'm embarrassed to even say how long I've been working on these!  I just want to make  a sweet little mini quilt to hang in my foyer in the spring...maybe this will be the spring it gets finished!

8.  Paint Chips - This is my Stash Bee 2017 quilt blocks for January - my tutorial is HERE.  The blocks have started arriving already!  I'm super excited about this quilt!  

Whew....seems like an impossible list!!  But it's a beginning! Some projects may carry over to the next quarter and that's okay!  It is certainly a list I can work from!





  1. Love your bright projects. Good luck on finishing then.

  2. What a fabulous list to begin with! My Nephew always does this funny performance and saying "You can do this" before he and other family members go out to do one of their many outdoor activities, like snowboarding. So I am doing that for you for encouragement! LOL. Have a spectacular creative day!

  3. Welcome to the Finish-A-Long! You've got some gorgeous rainbows in there. Good luck!

  4. looking forward to seeing the finished projects as they will be lovely

  5. 79 blocks to go! Oh my that is quite ambitious of you. Good luck, your work is beautiful.

  6. Love your colors, they're all so bright & cheery. Good luck on your finishes

  7. What a wonderful list of projects! Everything is so bright and fun! <3

  8. Laura you have some of the cutest things on this list! Where did you find that pattern for the paper pieced scrappy houses? I'd love to make those, too!

    The paint chip blocks are a brilliant way to use up precious scraps. So happy!