Friday, October 6, 2017

Finish Along: Q4

With the flood in my sewing room among other things....

I certainly dropped the bomb on Q2 and Q3 Finish Along.

It's all okay!

We have a new baby, so life is certainly good.

And...I won 2 patterns from Q1 Finish Along.

Much incentive to finish the year out!

Here's a list of my Q4 Finish Along Goals:

1.  T-shirt Quilt(s)

2.  Cardinal Winter Quilt for Mom (christmas)

3.  Blue Quilt for Maxine (christmas)

4.  Three Little Words Cross stitch
I've got a long ways to go on this one!

5.  It takes a Village (ongoing)

I know, it's aggressive.  But I really need to push myself!

Peace to all,


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